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Entranzz considers it a privilege to help test takers benchmark their skills during the test prep to predict their rank in the real exam day.We are passionate about advancing the aims of higher education. Therefore, it is a fundamental principle of Entranzz that we maintain an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of academic integrity in everything we do.
We encourage faculty across India to join us. At Entranzz, we believe that the involvement of teachers/faculty is not only preferable, it is essential to ensuring the academic integrity of our services.

We encourage faculty participation.

As we introduce new social learning technologies, we at Entranzz believe that by encouraging faculty to participate fully in Entranzz services, we believe we can achieve an optimal outcome for all members of the community. We openly welcome faculty to use the Entranzz platform to deepen the level of their involvement for the benefit of test takers across India . .

We enjoy the opportunity to interact with the academic community and we benefit from the open dialogue and feedback offered. To schedule a meeting contact:

We provide equal access to our Test Banks - A Level Playing Field.

The Entranzz service is designed to ensure that ALL students have equal access to the study materials they need to achieve their academic goals. Entranzz takes this philosophy and rolls it out on a nationwide platform, making sure our test banks are equally accessible and available to everyone.


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